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MENYARN Blog Post #1

On Dec. 4, 2015, I was sitting at my computer looking at yarn sites and thinking about possibilities involving yarn and hand-knitting, something I had been involved with on and off for almost 35 years!  I was looking at yarn with thoughts of doing something with the over 450 Men’s sweater designs I had been doing on my computer over the last few months.

I thought about using yarn that was appropriate for men for these projects and wondered if anyone was offering yarn to just men with a decidedly male color palette but I didn’t seem to be able to find any!  After doing a very long search, I did see some articles and blogs about men who knit but no one seemed to be selling directly to them!  The light went on and I decided that this was something I should pursue!   I thought up a couple of possible business names and immediately went online to check and see if any of these had domain names that were available for them.  I found menyarn.com was indeed available and bought it right away!

Since my retail business already has a section of it devoted to knitting, yarns and hand-dyed yarns, I had already been down this road and decided to get back in touch with a local yarn company and set up a meeting to begin creating yarns for this project. I had a great meeting with them and began to work with them to design some yarns for this project!  I came up with some ideas for yarns starting with an interesting 3-ply, 3 colored twisted yarn with a matching yarn for each of the three colors of the 3-plyed yarn! I came up with four color combinations with a total of twelve colors and four 3-colored twisted yarns for this project!  Another project came to mind with a basic natural colored 3-ply yarn in a slightly heavier weight than worsted with some density to it to provide a slightly more substantial weight without being too bulky.  For my third project I wanted to create a yarn that had softness and bulk but with a contrast in colors and decided to begin by using a natural colored and dark heather grey colored ply in merino wool and alpaca to create this handsome 2-ply yarn.  We are planning to offer other color combinations in this project and will concentrate on coming up with combinations with equal contrast and intensity! 

As these were smaller projects, they were being fit into the yarn company’s production schedule over time and the finished products became ready over the next year beginning in 2016 into 2017.  During that time I began working on this website and putting together more ideas of how we wanted to pursue this project!  Everything is starting to come together and more plans are being made!  I added to the assortment of yarns with some interesting colored heathered Bulky yarns with subtle multi-colored wool fibers blended into the mix and even found some solid color dark blue, bright red and bright green yarns to go with these Bulky single-ply yarn.

I began another project in the middle of 2017 to produce a solid color worsted weight yarn using 4 ply’s to give it a very smooth and even finish suitable for any gentlemen who wishes to make himself an elegant sweater suitable for any occasion and have selected 10 basic colors with a masculine color palette in mind!  They came out beautifully and I am very happy with the results!  During the summer of 2017 we worked with a great designer name Joli Latini to create our Menyarn.com logo.  It went very smoothly as I was able to import the design into the program I use for creating knitting designs and indicate adjustments that way and that worked very well for both of us!  During the Fall of 2017 we had her create a label for our yarns and we sent it to a local printer, Nacci Printers and got back these wonderful labels that we are looking forward to using!  Now that the Christmas season is over for my retail and my online business, Stone Cottage Soapworks,  I have more time to work on getting everything together!  This website is now together, I have done photo shoots for the yarn and the website is “live”!  We look forward to working with you and are doing our best to provide you with the things you need!