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I decided to carry a couple of different brands and types of knitting needles as well as crochet hooks to provide you with a choice for your creative projects.  "Karbonz" are strong and handsome needles that work very well with their carbon based material as well as having the strong metal tips and I chose a newer brand option called "Zing" which is a lighter weight aluminum based needle which is also at a "lighter" price as well!   The “Karbonz” needles are available in 14 inch Single Pointed needles for most of your projects and we are also offering Circular Needles and Double Pointed needles for knitting “in the round”.  For the crochet fans and those who use crochet hooks in assembling and finishing of knitted creations, I decided to offer another "Zing" product which is their aluminum crochet hook and they are currently available in five sizes!   I think this should cover your needs and help you to succeed in all of your knitting and crochet projects!  We may offer more options if the need arises.

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